Medium Frequency Induction Hardening Equipment
    Publish time 2018-04-03 10:53    
1.Production Name:Medium Frequency Induction Hardening Equipment—shaft induction hardening
2.Production Description:
1) Medium Frequency Induction Hardening Furnace
2) Easy Operation and maintenance
3) Used for heating,tempering,queching,annealing
4) Energy saving, lower cost
3.Performance and features It has advantages including speedy heating, small workpiece deformation,uniform depth and hardness of quenching,no change of internal crystal structure of metal, and high automatic degree assuring quality and enabling semiautomatic machine tool production. It is also applicable to tempering dependi ng on actual operation temperature, in particular it enables quenching at certain case depth or  local quenching, and is not replace by other means.
4.Usage: Mainly used in various roller/axle workpiece surface hardening, such as direct roller, reducing roller, camshaft, bent axle, gear shaft, machine tool screw; gear surface hardening, cover, rings, disc parts surface hardening; machine tool guide rail, flat surface hardening; bulb machine parts surface heating process(such as car, motor car parts); automatic heating process of reinforcing steel bar, barstock; irregular part hardening and tempering, such as anchor chain.