Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge
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Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge

Summary description:
Horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge for coal preparation is a continuous running filter centrifuge. Its control mode is automatic control or manual control. The treatment capacity is large and the moisture content of the product is low. The working principle is that the slurry or material to be dehydrated enters the small diameter end of the spiral feed conical cylinder, which is evenly distributed between the scraper body and the screen basket through centrifugal action, and rotates at high speed under the impetus of the scraper blade. The high centrifugal force from centrifugation separates the solid and liquid from the mud or material entering. The mud cake layer formed by solids rotates continuously and discharges along the tangent direction of the scraper. The solids are pushed to the large outer diameter end of the screen basket and discharged, while the liquid part of the mud is discharged through the mud cake layer and the gap of the screen basket.

Product characteristics:
The scraper/screen basket rotates horizontally. When the material enters the small end of the scraper, it is evenly distributed through the feed holes into each passage between the scraper and the screen basket. The liquid part of the material is forced to pass through the cake layer and the screen basket by the centrifugal force, while the cake layer formed by solid particles is discharged at the large end of the screen basket driven by the scraper. The amount of material treated and the degree of dehydration will depend on the type and size range of solid particles and their drainage characteristics.

Main features:
Compared with the traditional vertical slime centrifugal dewatering machine, under the same size and energy consumption of the screen basket, the production capacity can be increased by about 40%.
Less vulnerable parts, low maintenance cost;
Through long-term research and exploration of HSC series centrifuges, our company has designed more convenient and fast tooling, which increases and decreases the disassembly efficiency and labor intensity of vulnerable parts by 50%.
All drives and bearings avoid the material flow area to avoid damage to the drive system.
There is no barrier to solid material discharge and no blockage.

Series Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge Applicable to Dehydration of -3mm Slurry