Slime Centrifugal Dewaterer
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Slime Centrifugal Dewaterer

Summary description:
We are the largest manufacturer of centrifuges and accessories in China. It is also the largest professional manufacturer of centrifuges in China. It has been producing centrifuges for more than 20 years and now has a rated production capacity of 200 units per year. Since 1986, the centrifuge (LL3-9A) has been manufactured. The scientific researchers and technicians of have studied various centrifuges at home and abroad for a long time. TLL-1000A centrifuge was manufactured in 1997. TLL1150A and TLL1200A large-scale series final coal centrifuges were successfully developed and manufactured in 2000. LLL-B series coal slime centrifuges were successfully developed in 2000. The main features of LLL-B series coal slime centrifuges are simple process, low moisture content, high reliability and low noise, which are well received by users. In 1998, the centrifuge was awarded the title of "National Supervision Sample Inspection Quality Qualified Products" by China Quality Inspection Association and "Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award".

Product characteristics:
The unique anti-blocking device of screen basket (patent No. 02277661.3) can greatly improve the dehydration effect of screen basket and help to reduce the external water content of the product.

The matching gears are made of 20CrMnTi wear-resistant material. After high precision grinding, the accuracy is over 7 grades. The rotating parts are tested by dynamic and static balance, which can ensure the stable operation of the equipment for a long time, low noise and low vibration.

Coal passages are coated with wear-resistant layer, which has the characteristics of good wear resistance, long service life and excellent performance-price ratio.

The differential, as an independent component, is extremely convenient for installation and maintenance.

There is a unique flushing mechanism in the body. When the machine stops, it can flush the coal accumulated inside to ensure the next smooth start-up.

Independent lubricating oil supply system is more scientific and has automatic alarm and protection function.
Note: The moisture content of the product is mainly related to the size composition and moisture content of the feed.

It is suitable for efficient dewatering of coarse slime products, especially for heavy medium coal preparation slurry recovery and other coal preparation process systems.