Horizontal Centrifuges
    Publish time 2018-04-03 10:38    
Summary Description
Horizontal vibration centrifugal dehydrator is mainly used for dehydration of coal products in the process of washing clean coal and medium coal in coal preparation plant. The equipment has the characteristics of stable operation, large processing capacity and long service life. Now it has series products such as HM1000, HM1200, HM1400 and HM1650. Horizontal Vibration Centrifuge (HM) Series can handle the final coal below 75 mm, the feed moisture reaches 30%, and the product moisture can be below 9%. The sieve basket has a maximum diameter of 1650 mm and a capacity of 400 T/h. Its technical performance indexes have reached the international advanced level.

Product characteristics:
The working principle is simple, the structure is firm and reliable, and the failure rate is low.
Adopting the advanced double-mass vibration technology in the world at present, ingeniously applying the resonance effect, the excitation force is transferred indirectly to the spindle through the rubber spring, which makes the vibration of the equipment stable and low noise.
The inside of the water tank is protected by wear-resistant ceramics with long service life.
The replacement and maintenance of screen basket and accessories are simple and fast.
The amplitude can be adjusted infinitely, which is suitable for different kinds of coal.
Low operating cost, energy saving, large processing capacity and good dehydration effect.

Series Horizontal Vibration Centrifuge is used in the field of coal preparation. It is suitable for dehydration of 0.5-75mm clean coal and medium coal.