Mechanical Stirring Flotation Machine
    Publish time 2018-04-03 10:36    

Mechanical Stirring Flotation Machine

Summary description:
The slurry is fed to the false bottom of the first chamber of the flotation machine, and the impeller rotates in the wheel chamber to form a negative pressure, which makes the slurry in the false bottom and the slurry in the tank enter the mixing area from the lower and upper suction ports of the impeller respectively, and also makes the air and the reagent enter the mixing area along the air guide sleeve, where the slurry, air and reagent are mixed. Under the centrifugal force of the impeller, the mixed ore enters the mineralized area, the air is cut to form bubbles and comminuted, and is fully contacted with the coal particles, forming the mineralized bubble. Under the action of the stator and the steady flow plate, it distributes evenly in the cross section of the tank and moves upward into the separation area, enriching the foam layer and discharging it from the scraping mechanism to form the clean coal foam. Coal particles that are not mineralized on the false bottom will be sucked into the impeller through the circulating hole and the upper suction port, and then mixed, mineralized and separated again. Part of the pulp which is not mineralized in time in the tank enters the false bottom of the second chamber through the middle ore box buried in the pulp, just like the whole process completed in the first chamber, enters the third chamber, so that the pulp enters the tailings box after the last chamber and discharges the tailings.

Product characteristics:
The flotation machine optimizes the feeding mode by analyzing the structure characteristics of the tank and applying hydrodynamic technology. The slurry moves in W shape, the liquid level is stable and the air bubbles are evenly distributed. It integrates the advantages of direct current feeding and self-priming feeding.

The impeller and stator are made of wear-resistant material with high service life and less maintenance.

Good selectivity for coal, large capacity, low energy consumption, small area and reliable operation;

Applicable to large, medium and small coal washery.