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Low-combustion-loss low-nitrogen-oxide rotary regenerative double-chamber aluminum melting furnace

Our rotary furnace smoke heat recovery device has a cylindrical structure. There is aregenerative material in the cylinder. Convection of air and smoke is realized through the left channel and the right channel. The regenerative material rotates with the help of a motor and abs orbs heat of the high-temperature smoke to heat the combustion air. The combustion air continually and stably sent to the hearth to be combined with the fuel there to form a high-temperature low oxygen combustion condition.The furnace has a double-chamber structure. The high-temperature smoke generated in the chamber A enters the chamber B via the smoke outlet between the two chambers to preheat and smelt the aluminum raw material. Most of the smoke heat is absorbed by the aluminum raw material and sent to the rotary furnace smoke recovery device via the smoke outlet of the chamber B to heat the combustion air,after cooling down below 150℃,the smoke is discharged via the chimney. The aluminum raw material has contact with flames, so the aluminum lost in smelting can be greatly reduced and the smoke heat can be fully recycled, thus realizing efficient energy saving. The technology has been granted a national patent and approved by the innovation fund of technology of the government.The three actions below are taken for the system. An efficient rotary heat accumulator is used to recycle most of the heat generated in combustion product to heat the combustion air; high-temperature combustion air is continually and stably provided for the hearth to realize continual and stable combined combustion with the fuel; a low-oxygen condition is obtained through the oxygen concentration in the area where the fuel has a balanced ditution reaction with the combustion product in the furnace. In the high-temperature
lo-oxygen condition. The fuel first undergoes recombination processes such as cracking to form a thermodynamic condition completely different from that in the conventional combustion. Through retarded combustion with the oxygen-deficient air, the fuel releases heat, thus avoiding a partial high-temperature oxygen-rich area existing in the conventional combustion. This combustion is a dynamic reaction with out rigid and intense concentrate flames. It can realized low-combustion-loss efficient energy-saving goals and a goalof ultralow Nox emission as well.

Range of application:
1. Secondary aluminum recycling and aluminum sheet stamping and processing;
2. Raw materials :such as aluminum ingots, packing materials, waster aluminum profile, cold rolling offcut, etc
3. Natural gas fuel;
Main product features:
1. It has two furnace door and two chambers (one chamber for feeding and the other for refining).
2. The combustion smoke preheats the aluminum raw material in the smelting chambers and combines it with molten aluminum for quick smelting.
3. Smelting, refining, tempering molten aluminum discharge are done respectively, thus realizing continuous production and higher efficiency and output.
4. Compared with the figures before the reconstruction, the aluminum smelting loss is reduced by 30percent to 50 percent, the fuel consumption decreased by 20 percent to 45 percent and the unit consumption of each ton of aluminum is equal to or less than 550,000 kca/t.
5. With upper and lower strokes of the furnace do or sensed by infrared ray, it is reliable and durable.
6. It has a touch screen for dynamic display. The electronic big screen makes running conditions of the hearth intuitive.
7. It has a PLC system, so its hearth can realize one-touch convenient operation of automatic blowing, ignition and running.
8. It has a monitoring system for the fuel pressure, the flow, the air allowing and exhausting furnace temperature and the molten aluminum temperature. It employs the PID control technology to ensure the best furnace temperature and air-fuel ratio.
9. It has an infrared flame detection system for whole process monitoring of the combustion flames for safe and reliable combustion.
10. It has no smoke outlet at the furnace door. So the place in front of the furnace is clean and free from heavy smoke, effectively protecting physical health of workers.