Heavy Medium Shallow Groove Separator
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Heavy Medium Shallow Groove Separator

Summary description:

Since our company independently developed and manufactured the first large shallow groove separator made in China, the company has formed the production capacity of 21 kinds of SCZQ series shallow groove separators. It can provide matching shallow groove separation equipment for 1.20 Mt/a to 10.0 Mt/a coal preparation plant.
The successful development of SCZQ2254 and SCZQ2660 fills in the blank of large shallow groove separators in China, and their excellent cost performance ratio will surely make greater contribution to the process renewal and replacement of coal washing and processing industry in China.
The working principle of shallow groove separator: The main working principle of the separator is to pump the qualified density of heavy medium suspension to the separation groove body through horizontal flow and upward flow, and maintain the overflow state. Raw coal enters the trough body in the same direction as the horizontal flow of heavy medium suspension at the feeding end. Gangue with medium density higher than that of medium sinks to the bottom of the trough body and enters the gangue chute with the scraper running to the discharge outlet; coal with medium density lower than that of medium floats up to the surface of medium and discharges from the overflow weir with horizontal flow; upwelling plays a decisive role in stratification.

Shallow groove separator main components:
Sorting trough body, feeding box, overflow weir, upflow medium bucket, driving device, gangue discharge system (including scraper chain, slideway, etc.), lubrication system, stall protection switch, etc.

Note: Our company can design and manufacture other types of heavy medium shallow groove sorters and accessories according to users'needs.

Product characteristics:

The equipment has simple structure, small floor area and workshop volume, and large processing capacity. The processing capacity of groove width per meter reaches 100 t/h. At present, the maximum processing capacity of equipment reaches 1000 t/h. Ten million ton coal preparation plant only needs one equipment to meet the requirements.

In the process of shallow groove separation, the material can be sorted strictly according to its density, while the particle size and shape of the material have little influence on the separation. Therefore, its sorting accuracy is relatively high, and the actual sorting results are very close to the theoretical indicators.

According to the particle size of raw coal and the flow field characteristics inside the separation tank, the structure parameters are individually designed, and the appropriate structure parameters and process plan ensure that the flow field in the separation tank is suitable for the optimal state of separation.

The adjustment range of separation density is wide, and the adjustment of separation density is relatively easy. The separation density required for the separation of low ash clean coal suitable for some special industrial sectors can be obtained, and the very pure gangue can be sorted efficiently.

The particle size range of separation is wide, and the particle size of raw materials is generally 300-13mm. The narrower the particle size range, the better the separation effect. Therefore, the dense medium coal preparation plant can cooperate with the cyclone to carry out full-grain washing.

It has strong adaptability to fluctuation of coal quality and can adapt to fluctuation of quantity and quality of raw coal. When the user's requirements for the quality of clean coal are changed, the product quality can be guaranteed by simply adjusting the process parameters, and the ash content of clean coal can be changed rapidly according to the requirements.

The effective separation time is short, which can minimize the amount of secondary slime, reduce the degree of gangue sliming and reduce the cost of slurry water treatment.

The key components have long service life, good wear resistance, independent production and high cost performance without relying on other suppliers.