Vibration Flip Arc Screen
    Publish time 2018-04-02 17:36    
Vibration Flip Arc Screen

Summary description:

Vbration arc screen is a new type of fine coal slurry dewatering and classification equipment. Because of the vibration motor, the drainage capacity is improved, and the effect of desulfurization and dehydration of dense medium coal preparation in coal preparation plant is greatly improved.

Product characteristics:
The feed size of the arc-shaped screen is finer. In a short time, the gap of the screen plate will be blocked by fine materials, which makes the arc-shaped screen plate unable to dehydrate and desulfurize normally. Because of equipped with vibration motor, the drainage capacity is improved. The vibration motor of the vibration arc screen makes the screen machine produce a certain number of small vibration, thus clearing the fine material in the slot of the screen plate and improving the dehydration and de-intermediation effect of the arc screen.

Note: Our company can design and manufacture other non-standard types of arc screen and its accessories according to the needs of users.

Vibrating arc screen is a new type of fine-grained slime dehydration and classification equipment. In addition, the vibration arc screen can also be used with the Slime Centrifuge to recover the coarse slime.